Black & Decker DR670 Hammer Drill Review

Black & Decker DR670 Hammer Drill Review

The Black + Decker DR670 6.0-Amo 1/2” Hammer Drill is specifically made to make the handling of tough tasks easier. Its hammer action provides power and speed to drill into hard surfaces like brick and concrete.

The Black + Decker DR670 6.0-Amo 1/2” Hammer Drill is designed to provide the optimal speed and power to the user. The brand quality of Black + Decker speaks for the performance of the tool. It is compact and exerts just the right amount of force you need for the various tasks you need done. You will not need a key to alter drill bits, and it is provided with an auxiliary handle.


  • Its ½” all metal keyless chuck provides maximum grip for easy bit changes
  • Its variable speed trigger allows control over drilling applications
  • It weighs 4.4
  • Its power source is corded and electric
  • It has a ½” keyless chuck size
  • It has a plastic build, and its drill capacity is 13mm with the motor of 550 watts


  • Better balance and control is provided by its pistol grip design
  • Its hammer action provides power and speed to drill into brick and concrete
  • While most machines are 500 watts and take only a 10mm bit, this drill hammer takes 13mm within the same price band
  • The switch gives precise control over the speed of machine when you have to do some precise drilling or have to use the screwdriver heads
  • The motor comes with a peak of 2,800 revolutions per minute which is of such high speed and smoothness that drilling metal feels like piercing a paper
  • It comes at a lower price than its competitor toolkit sets
  • The kit contains 40 additional essential items that come handy for daily use, although it is missing a wire stripper and measuring tape


  • The quality of plastic used in the making of the tool is reported to be poor by some
  • The rubber used on the tools for grip gives a sticky feeling which feels like molten rubber
  • The quality of other tools in the kit are questionable
  • A larger spanner size would have served better as compared to the size provided in this one
  • It does not come with a clutch
  • The chuck can come a bit loose
  • The device tends to get hot, very quickly, so, you have to stop in order to allow it to cool down before you can move on with your work


The Black + Decker DR670 6.0-Amo 1/2” Hammer Drill comes with a side handle and a depth rod. It is ideal for drilling bricks and concrete. It is a great drilling machine which provides a reasonable price value. It comes with variable speed drill; the harder you press it, the faster it goes, and it spins both ways and hence, can be changed to reverse.

It provides plenty of power backup, so you don’t have to worry about the battery going dead, every now and then. It is provided with a soft rubber grip to make the usage fatigue free and comfortable. It is fashioned with an ergonomic design with optimal grip positions, and a lightweight and insulated shockproof plastic body.


This is a must-have tool without which your tool kit would be incomplete. Owing to the lack of quality, it is not recommended for professional construction workers, but it is good enough for people to have at home since they don’t need to use the drill hammer as much and as often as a professional would. It will easily carry you through medium duty, occasional, concrete drilling tasks.

Though the Black + Decker DR670 6.0-Amo 1/2” Hammer Drill has its flaws, it is highly recommended for the regular needs and purposes at home. It can be used for tightening screws and tightening bolts. So, you don’t need to call a professional every time a simple thing goes wrong.

This kit provides easy management for all minor repair or DIY projects found at home. Its variable speed function makes it work smooth and it ramps nicely. Yet, keep in mind that cost cutting here will take priority over quality.

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