Bosch 1191VSRK Single-Speed Hammer Drill Review

Bosch 1191VSRK Single-Speed Hammer Drill Review

Tired of reaching out to the carpenter for every little installation or repair job that may come up in your home? To make your life a lot easier, the Bosch ½” Single Speed Drill can be your handheld weapon for any installations and small repair work.

This drill hammer has been known to provide the best weight-to-performance ratio in its class, far better than most of its contemporaries, which means that not only is it quite useful, but you also get complete value for each penny you spend on it.

The single-speed drill by Bosch is a powerful home improvement tool that is manufactured in Malaysia and available in a large number of cities all across the world. It weighs around 8 pounds and is a 120-volt device.


  • The single speed drill by Bosch is a corded device; it requires a power outlet to function as its power source
  • No heating is observed in the device, even when used on concrete with moderate use
  • Comes with a 7 Ampere reversing motor and compact design which provides the device with a sleek and strong grip, as well as great power to accomplish your intended job
  • The drill comes with a mode selector that can be used to switch between “rotation only” mode and “hammer drill” mode
  • The handle of the Bosch Single Speed Drill is a 360° auxiliary handle that provides for powerful impact with zero discomforts


  • Lightweight device that is practical for home use on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Ideal for drilling smaller diameters; works quite well on wood, steel and aluminum
  • Does not heat up when used on concrete, or for longer periods of time
  • Can work in two modes: as a normal drill, or a hammer drill
  • Delivered with the manufacturer’s warranty of one year; customers may request their money back within 30 days if they not satisfied with the device’s performance
  • The Bosch Single Speed Drill comes with a variable speed trigger that enables you to adjust the speed of the device according to your needs


  • Not meant for heavier drill work, especially for drilling bigger holes due to its small diameter
  • Does not have a trigger lock, which means that there is no way to keep the device spinning constantly at its maximum speed
  • Since it is a single-speed drill, the speed abruptly increases to maximum, which may be a safety hazard
  • Wiring issues and severe overheating reported in some cases, some of which have even caused the device to die out within the first couple of times of use
  • Grease drips out of the device when used for prolonged periods of time, and works best on older cement, and/or relatively softer surfaces, hence not ideal for heavy-duty work


The Bosch ½” Single Speed Drill is, essentially, a lightweight drill that is made to provide a powerful performance for the user. It comes with two modes; it functions as a normal rotating drill, or as a hammer drill for more intensive usage.

The Bosch Single Speed Drill is ideal for drilling smaller holes, given its diameter of 1/2”, and it works best on surfaces like aluminum, steel and/or wood. The drill may also be switched in reverse for thorough drilling, and also comes with a trigger that can be used to control the speed of the drill.


While the Bosch single speed drill is a great home improvement tool to have if you are only concerned with doing minor drilling every now and then, it may pose some problems should you require it on a more regular basis. It provides optimum performance on old cement and softer surfaces, but fails to excel when used on concrete, and/or for a long period of time at a stretch.

There have also been incidents of the wiring of the drill failing, or the drill becoming unusable, but those are quite rare, and definitely not enough reason to overlook the excellent performance-to-weight ratio of the Bosch ½” Single Speed Drill.

Therefore, if you are looking for a drill to keep up with home improvements or DIY projects around the house, then Bosch is the right product to buy.

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