Bosch Bare-Tool PS130BN Hammer Drill Review

Bosch Bare-Tool PS130BN Hammer Drill Review

The Bosch Bare-Tool PS130BN Hammer Drill is a power-packed tool with a very light weight, only about 2 lbs., and hence, it negates the concept that more power has to mean more weight. The tool is a marvel in compaction engineering.

The short length of its head ensures better balance and control. The tool is also provided with a LED light feature so as to enable operational ease while drilling in dark spaces. The tool is powered by 12-volt lithium ion battery.

The Bosch PS130 BN hammer drill provides excellent torque and impacts per minute, and is very easy to hold and operate. This tool can be used for driving in screws, for removing screws and for drilling. Users can select driver, drill, or hammer modes with the help of its mode selector ring.

The Bosch PS130BN hammer drill, with a very high performance-to-weight ratio is most suitable for difficult drilling like overhead drilling, drilling through hard surfaces, and drilling in congested spaces.

Drilling with this hammer drill is a stress-less exercise requiring minimal manual effort. An exactly fitting insert tray is also included with this toolkit offer. The battery and charger can be bought separately.


  • Lightweight, weighs only 2.3 lbs.
  • 20 clutch settings
  • Two-speed options
  • 1,300 RPM (Rotation per minute)
  • 0-380/0-1300 no load RPM
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Switchable modes including driver, drill and hammer modes
  • 3/8-Inch single-sleeve auto-lock chuck
  • Shortest head length for better balance and control
  • LED light feature
  • Integrated fuel gauge on the side of the tool.
  • Provides 265 in./lb. of torque
  • Provides 19,500 impacts per minute
  • Powered by lithium ion 12 V battery
  • Trigger control
  • Durashield housing, an ABS/nylon composite.
  • Tested to withstand repeated 10’ drops.
  • Packed in an exactly fitting tool tray
  • Includes manufacturer warranty
  • 3-year tool protection plan
  • 2-year battery replacement plan


  • Cordless power packed, lightweight hammer drill
  • Drills and bits can be conveniently clamped due to single sleeve auto lock chuck feature
  • Speed can be regulated due to variable speed trigger feature
  • Highly compact, sturdy and flexible design
  • 20 clutch settings feature allows for precise torque adjustments for accurate drilling
  • LED light feature allows for working in dark spaces
  • Can be operated with ease in compact spaces
  • Can be used for drilling hard and difficult surfaces


  • Cannot draw power from mains
  • Power limitation is 12-V batteries
  • Best suited for wooden and similar surfaces
  • May not be best for long-term concrete drilling requirements


The Bosch Bare-Tool PS130BN Hammer Drill is a cordless multipurpose hammer drilling tool that has both drilling as well as a hammering components for quickly and effortlessly drilling neat holes. It can be almost used at home and is best for drilling wood as well as other surfaces, but preferably not for regular heavy industrial and concrete work purposes.


Similar products in the same genre include hammer drill offers by the same company Bosch, one such product being the Bosch Bare Tool HD S18 1B 18 volt hammer drill with 1/2″ hammer drill driver. The list price is almost double than the current product.

Similar hammer drills are also being offered by Milwaukee, its offers include Milwaukee 2408-20 M12 3/8″ hammer drill driver of 0 volts, the Milwaukee 2404-20 M12 Fuel 1/2″ hammer drill of 12 volts, and the Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 1/2″ hammer drill of 18 volts.

Of these, the 0 volts hammer driver has a significantly less list price, but if you need to buy the battery charger and battery plates, then the list price escalates considerably.


Drill hammers have been in the tool kit for a long time. Designing drilling equipment has become more of an art now, rather than science as the science of it was discovered long back but as of now, engineers are figuring out how to pack maximum power into the most compact and lightweight equipment with excellent design features.

The Bosch Bare-Tool PS130BN Hammer Drill fits true to the above description and can really be called an art in drilling science due to its compact design, high durability, light weight, and yet surprisingly high drilling power with variable features like speed and mode variability.

The offer includes a custom fit toolkit for storing the tool as inclusions or exclusions. Bosch also offers a 3-year tool protection plan and a 2-year battery replacement plan with this offer.

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