Can A Hammer Drill Be Used As A Regular Drill?

Can A Hammer Drill Be Used As A Regular Drill

There are so many different types of drills and drivers in the market that it can be quite a task to find the perfect drill most suited for a particular job.

If you are wondering what is the underlying difference between a hammer drill and regular drill? It is really simple – a regular drill just spins and drills the medium you wish to be drilled, the hammer drill spins and hammers with a thrusting action to gain a strong hold on the medium you wish to be drilled.

Also, you can run the hammer drill in regular drill mode, without the hammering action. However, with regular drills, you cannot do the same. So, a hammer drill can be used as a regular drill. Depending on what you are going to drill, you can decide what drill to opt for.

If you are going to drill items like wood, plastic or even lighter metals, a regular drill will suffice. However, if you are drilling into masonries such as concrete, bricks, tile or other tough mediums, then the hammer drill will come to your rescue.

If you are in a dilemma whether to buy a regular drill or hammer drill, the answer depends on your requirements. If you plan to undertake delicate drilling that requires dexterity and precision, a regular drill would be fit to do the job.

However, the more versatile option is that of a hammer drill. You can use them as a regular drill and also use them for heavy duty drilling.

Let’s look at the features and advantages of a Hammer drill to learn more about it.

Features of Hammer Drill

  • Hammer drills possess a pulsing hammer-like action, as they rotate
  • Consists of dual mode selectors – regular rotatory mode for normal spin, hammer plus drill mode for rotatory cum hammer action
  • The regular drill mode can be used for drilling and driving applications that a regular drill would perform
  • Operates at great speeds up to 3000 rpm that makes it more suitable for unconventional applications
  • Available in cordless and corded options
  • Some hammer drills come with variable speed reversing switch that will allow you to gain greater control for drilling and driving any applications


  • The hammer effect is mandatory for projects that require drilling into tough medium like brick, block, concrete and other masonry surfaces
  • You can switch between the regular drill mode and hammer mode, as per your needs and requirements
  • The hammer drill excels at ploughing through tough applications or medium quickly
  • You do not have to put much pressure when drilling using a hammer drill


  • Hammer drills tend to be on the heavier side as opposed to regular drills, making them bulkier to handle
  • Hammer drills are expensive than regular drills due to their additional functions and power


Choose the drill that is right for you and matches your requirements. Make sure it has the features that you would need and does not have too many things that you think you will not be using at all. A regular drill would suffice for DIY projects and light drilling applications.

However, when drilling heavier applications and tough mediums of masonry surface, the hammer drill is still considered to be the best. It does cost more than regular drills, but it gives you the option to switch between a regular drill and hammer plus drill option. This makes the hammer drill a more versatile buy.

Even though the hammer drill might look bulkier than regular drill, many drill makers are releasing compact and lightweight options in hammer drill that make it easier to work with. A job that you do for 10 minutes with your regular drill can be performed in seconds with a hammer drill.

Ultimately the hammer drill can be used a regular drill by putting it in the only drill mode. Even though it has certain limitations when compared to regular drillers, it would still complete your tool inventory because it works in two modes. No matter what drilling application you require it for, a hammer drill is more effective than regular drills.

So, select the best drill according to your requirements. Check the power and torque of the drill before buying the right one that will enable you to do the precise drilling. Whether you want to undertake DIY drilling projects or professional drilling, the hammer drill is more flexible and versatile.

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