Dewalt DCD996B Hammer Drill Review

Dewalt DCD996B Hammer Drill Review

Are you done with your hammer drill that barely scratches the surface and makes a drilling hole? Are you fed up with a hammer drill that stops or crumbles when subjected to drilling?

Are you searching for a hammer drill that is tough enough to withstand a rough handling? When it comes to heavy duty hammer drills, you can always depend on the Dewalt DCD996B Hammer Drill to lead the race.


  • Top performance transmission
  • Has brushless & highly efficient motor
  • 820 units watts out (UWO)
  • LED light with three (3) modes & spotlight option
  • 0 to 38 & 250 BPM, 2250 RPM
  • Voltage: 20 V
  • Battery operated, Lithium ion type
  • Heavy duty 0.5 in nitro-carburized metal ratcheting chucks
  • Comfortable hand grips & 360-degree side handle
  • With belt clips
  • Drill bare tool only
  • Item weight: 4 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 4 in x 10 in x 8 ins
  • Limited warranty for three (3) years


The Dewalt DCD996B Hammer Drill is speed, durability, and power in one drilling device. The hammer drill is engineered with a MAX XR 20V powerful brushless engine that enables it to create eight hundred twenty (820) units watts out (UWO).

This powerful engine allows the hammer drill to have a faster application speed. In addition, when compared to a brushed engine, the brushless motor of the Dewalt DCD996B gives off at least fifty-seven (57%) percent more run time.

The hammer drill also runs faster with its premium 3-speed transmission feature. The 3-speed transmission enables the Dewalt DCD996B to run with maximum speed and power even when exposed to rough applications and tough surfaces.

The hammer drill does not end with power and speed for it is also designed for long lasting service life and durability. To enforce this goal, the Dewalt DCD996B is made of durable and prime nitrocarburized metal ratcheting chucks as well as handle grips, which were also designed to be comfortable.

In addition to the carburized metal material, the several switches found in the hammer drill were likewise sealed and coated for protection against water and dust – and its corrosive effects to the hammer drill.

The nitrocarburized chuck is not only for the durable feature of the hammer drill but also for the excellent gripping strength of the device. The heavy duty 0.5 chuck of the hammer drill has also carbide inserts which help with the grip.

When you have to drill day and night, using the Dewalt DCD996B Hammer Drill will not pose a problem even when the dark comes. This is for the simple reason that this particular hammer drill has a LED light with three (3) modes that can provide a bright and clear lighting even in dark and confined areas or spaces.

When you need to focus on a certain portion, you can simply use the spotlight mode. Paired with the comfortable handle or grip is a side handle that has a three hundred sixty (360) degree feature. For a heavy duty device like the Dewalt DCD996B, long service life is an area of concern.

To address this problem and to provide full customer satisfaction, the purchase of this hammer drill also comes with a three (3) year warranty.


The Dewalt DCD996B Hammer Drill also comes with downsides, as reported by some of its verified purchasers. One area of concern is the sale of the bare tool – the Lithium-ion battery that will be used with the hammer drill is being sold separately. Most of the concerns raised were focused on the battery.

Also, the fact that the hammer drill is being run by a battery, there is a need to replace the battery once in a while or recharge it before use, which can be cumbersome and too much work for some people. And when the batteries are not half way full, the hammer drill will not be able to operate in the maximum power it is supposed to work on.

Finally, there are some reported feedbacks as regard to the durability of this particular hammer drill, especially with the chuck.


The Dewalt DCD996B Hammer Drill is a drilling tool that you would want to have. It is not only fairly affordable and made from heavy duty application, but it is also portable.

Although there may be some negative feedbacks about the product, which needs to be considered before buying the hammer drill, the negative feedbacks pertain only to exceptional cases and not the overall condition of the hammer drill.

Therefore, the Dewalt DCD996B still remains to be a high performer and a recommendable portable hammer drill that will result in benefits worth every penny and more.

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