Makita XPH102 LXT Hammer Driver-Drill Kit Review

Makita XPH102 LXT Hammer Driver-Drill Kit Review

Whether you have carpentry or masonry as a profession or you are just an avid and practical DIY person when it comes to fixing or maintaining your household or any furniture, you would need a reliable and powerful tool to make drills once in a while. To do the job, you would need a hammer driver.

However, when you need to go outdoors and do the fixing from one place to another, using a corded hammer driver can be a little bit cumbersome. Therefore, go through makita hammer drill review, a cordless hammer driver like the Makita XPH102 LXT Hammer Driver is easier and more convenient.


  • Four (4) – pole motor
  • Cordless
  • 5 in hammer, driver drill
  • Maximum torque of 480 lbs.
  • Two (2) speed design – 0 to 9000 & 0 to 28500 BPM or 0 to 600 & 0 to 1900 RPM
  • With extreme protection technology (XPT)
  • Dust resistant & water resistant
  • Ergonomic & compact design
  • Reduced operator fatigue 18V Lithium-ion battery
  • Slide style battery & charges in thirty (30) minutes
  • Soft & rubberized grip
  • Built-in LED (dual) lights for area lighting
  • All metal gear construction w/ reversible belt clip
  • With star protection computer controls
  • Item weight: 3.9 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 16.9 in x 5.6 in x 13 in
  • Three (3) years warranty for tool & battery


The Makita XPH102 LXT Hammer Driver may be cordless but performs great when it comes to torque and speed since the driver’s Lithium-ion battery covers these two (2) aspects.  In just thirty (30) minutes, you will get a fully charged battery – making the hammer driver ready for use in just a short time.

According to makita impact driver reviews, the Makita XPH102 is also known for its versatile functions. Depending on the surface material to be drilled into, the driver tool can be used as a hammer driver drill (for hard surfaces like brick and concrete) or a simple driver drill for wood and metal drilling.

The versatile feature of this particular hammer driver is a wanted advantage in any hammer drills because it spares the owner from the additional and impractical cost of buying another drill driver that will work on other surfaces.

Another advantage of having a Makita XPH102 at arm’s length is you get a powerful tool to do your drilling work. The hammer driver has a motor with four (4) poles that allows it to deliver a max torque of 480 in. lbs.

In addition, the hammer driver was designed to deliver dual high-speed settings up to 1,900 RPM and 28, 500 BPM. With the two (2) choices of the speed settings, the hammer driver’s versatile feature is being enforced to perform a wide range of hammering, drilling, and driving functions.

Furthermore, the Makita XPH102 is not just purely a powerful motor – it’s also created to be long lasting with its durable feature.

The durability feature can be seen through the way the driver was engineered using the Extreme Protection Technology (EPT) – making the product not just dust resistant but also water resistant. These are the needed features to allow the hammer driver the capacity to withstand harsh and extreme working conditions.

Moreover, the Makita XPH102 is also acknowledged for its star protection technology which allows the hammer driver and its battery to exchange real-time data as well as monitor and prevent conditions such as overheating, overloading and over discharging.

The star protection computer controls found in the Makita XPH102 enables the device to perform better and to extend its battery life – another aspect which adds the durable character of the hammer driver.

And when you have to extend your work up to night time, this particular hammer driver has double LED lights that can illuminate the working area for better operation. It also helps that the hammer driver has a soft and rubberized grip to help with the comfortable and easy use of the tool.

Customer satisfaction is also a priority with this hammer driver as it has a thirty (30) day period for replacement and refund, aside from the three-year warranty for the hammer driver and its battery.


The Makita XPH102 LXT Hammer Driver may have nice features but there are also some reported downsides to it. There are some instances when the delivered batteries are either defective or drain fast – it would take time to ask for a replacement.

Also, there is an issue with the light – sometimes it wobbles, other times it stays only for a few seconds, and a few times it does not work. Other feedbacks focus on the issues of balance when the hammer driver is being used and the significant chuck run out or wobbling.


The Makita XPH102 LXT Hammer Driver is a drilling tool that may have some issues – more often only in exceptional cases – but it is undeniable that this hammer driver is a reliable and good performing device that does it job and makes your drilling work not only easier but also faster.

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