Porter-Cable PC70THD Hammer Drill Review

Porter-Cable PC70THD Hammer Drill Review

Have you had enough of using a drilling tool that cannot drill on all types of surfaces? Have you lost patience with your old drilling device which doesn’t have enough power to do its job? I

f you answered affirmatively to one or both questions, then it is about time to get over your old tool and move on to a newer and more innovated hammer drill. And you will not get a better deal than having your own Porter-Cable PC70THD Hammer Drill.


  • Motor with 7 Amp power
  • Hammer drill mode & drill mode
  • Dual speed transmission – 0 to 3100 & 0 to 1100
  • Maximum torque & maximum speed settings
  • 5 in metal chuck
  • Two (2) finger locking trigger
  • With side handle design
  • Corded
  • Electric powered with 120 V voltage
  • Bare tool only
  • Item weight: 6.4 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 14.6 in x 3.3 in x 11 in
  • Limited manufacturer warranty for three (3) years


First, in the line of benefits of having a Porter-Cable PC70THD Hammer Drill is the powerful motor. The hammer drill has been engineered with a 7.0 Amp engine that can provide the power and durability a drilling tool needs in order to withstand even the toughest drilling applications.

This hammer drill is powered by electricity and has a voltage of 120V. In addition, this hammer drill is not only all about power as it was also designed to be versatile. This tool offers two (2) modes to choose from – the hammer drill mode and the drill mode.

The former mode allows drilling into tough surfaces such as brick, block, and concrete, while the latter mode works best for lesser tough surfaces like wood and metal.

Such feature also saves the owners of the hammer drill from the need to buy another drill to do the delicate job of a regular drill; hence, making the Porter-Cable PC70THD a cost effective purchase.

The fun does not stop there for this hammer drill also has a dual speed transmission which you can easily switch to and from depending on the need of the surface of the material one would drill into. The first setting would allow the use of maximum torque.

On the other hand, the second setting provides the use of optimum speed. The setting ranges are from 0 to 1, 100 and 0 to 3, 100. And to provide comfort despite the extended use of the hammer drill, the device has a two finger locking trigger to turn to in order to allow the consistent use of a certain chosen setting.

When it comes to drilling, inaccurate result may take place when the operator doesn’t have a full control of the hammer drill. The Porter-Cable PC70THD has a feature to counter this possible outcome through a side handle.

With the side handle, in addition to the main grip, one can have more control over the hammer drill; hence, stability is attained and inaccurate drilling can be prevented from happening. The side handle is especially helpful during bind up situations and heavy applications.

In addition, the Porter-Cable PC70THD is also designed to give its users comfort with its streamlined handle and body, which also works to reduce the fatigue of its users.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction is also a priority when it comes to buying the hammer drill; hence, a limited warranty for three (3) years is also included when the drilling tool is purchased.


Although the Porter-Cable PC70THD Hammer Drill does the job of drilling well, it still has some reported negative feedback from its verified customers. One of those is the plastic material used for the drill and the handle.

Despite tightening of the handle, the drill continues to twist on the handle area which makes the drilling job a little challenging. Also, operating the hammer drill creates a slightly loud noise that some would find annoying, irritating and disturbing.

Another issue with the hammer drill is it comes with the bare tool alone and doesn’t have accompanying components that may be needed for the maintenance of the device. This may be a minor downside to the device, but others would take this into consideration, especially when thinking about a long-term use.


When you are looking for a reliable and heavy duty hammer drill, the Porter-Cable PC70THD Hammer Drill will not disappoint. It is also an edge that the product comes with a fairly affordable price, which others may consider as a deciding factor.

There are of course reported negative feedbacks about the tools but those may be considered as exceptional cases and are too minor to overshadow the overall advantages of using the hammer drill. This is a product that is worth every penny – and more! Highly recommended and lives up to expectations.

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